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Fiorella Perrone
Fine Handmade Jewelry



Fiorella Perrone is an Ecuadorian designer who specialized in “Products Design” at Florence, Italy. She has been in the fashion business for more than 5 years with her own succesful brand “Fiorella Perrone, Fine Handmade Jewelry”. Her work has been recognized by different local magazines, radio stations, newspapers and tv shows. Her pieces include designs in 999 Fine Silver with rose and gold vermeil and also 14K, 18K and 24K gold, as well as different collections such as “Stampies”, “Filigree”, “Millefiori”, “Bridals” “Menwear” and “Corporates Souvernis”.


Nowadays, she is developing sustainable jewelry by the use of organic materials and her new ethnical brand.


Fiorella Perrone Fine Handmade Jewelry is inspired by people with their own style.


Your Style Inspires US 

My new passion is create pieces in ceramics and porcelain, i enjoy getting  my hands dirty with clay, glazes and getting the unexpected surprises after firing beautiful things that you make with your hands.


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